Abide was an excellent company to work with, we couldn’t have been more pleased with their process and work. A survey and estimate was done within a few days of our initial call, by a very impressive account manager. Our plumbing contractor said he’d worked with Abide before, they were a good company and since the price seemed fair, we went ahead and contracted them. Abide coordinated the boiler removal and pipe stripping with our plumbing contractor, without our needing to be involved, which was also great. The Abide techs were terrific, very professional and well prepared; went right to work and had a really messy job done in a day. We also used Abide’s 3rd party contractor to reinsulate the steam pipes. I’m sorry that I can’t recall his company name but he was great to work with and did an excellent job.

Chris C.
Removed an asbestos insulated boiler and asbestos pipe wrap from steam pipes.