investigation, evaluation and remediation

Abide will provide a thorough assessment of your mold condition and develop a complete remediation plan in association with an environmental specialist. Contaminated surfaces, building materials and furnishings can be abated using cleaning, disinfecting and replacement techniques. Abide can also provide mold control with mold-resistant coatings and sealants, as well as provide and install electronic humidity control units. Your project will be staffed by highly competent, trained personnel with experience in biological contamination andremediation techniques.

Our team of specialists will utilize critical barriers, negative pressure air filtration, HEPA filtered equipment and specialized cleaning and coating materials containing biocides to successfully complete your project. The biocides and mold resistant coatings used by Abide are EPA approved to ensure safety and eliminate health hazards. Abide will manage the precautions, paperwork and proper disposal required by regulatory agencies.