Asbestos Abatement Case Studies

Mount Tom Facility

Abide, Inc. performed asbestos abatement activities at the former Mount Tom facility from February through June 2017 prior to the demolition of the main plant and support structures.   Abide's supervisors were able to manage an average of 20 workers per week over the course of this project to finish ahead of schedule. A total [...]

Hampshire Mall

Asbestos Abatement - Hampshire Mall, Hadley, MA - January 2017 Abide was hired by the GC to remove approximately 1,200 SF of asbestos floor tile and mastic to facilitate the renovation of a new tenant in the mall.  The entire retail space was put under full containment and secured with hard barriers while the abatement [...]

Northeast Industrial Plant

Abide was tasked with the challenge to remove friable asbestos containing caulk from exterior wall panels while under containment.  As you can see from the photos, an extensive containment was put in place and broken down and re-installed on each side of the building.  Abide was successful in removing the caulk without any releases to [...]